With the good news this week that more lockdown restrictions are being lifted and life takes another step towards normality, for business owners and employers the future looks busier than ever. That’s why now feels like the perfect time to officially launch a new service that will make life just that little bit simpler and may even save my clients a bit of money.

BrightPay, the specialist payroll software that I use to manage my clients’ payroll, has just introduced a partnership with Modulr, a leading payment platform, that makes it easier to pay employees their salary once I’ve processed the payroll.

Instead of making individual payments to employees from the business bank account, employers will be able to log in to the secure Modulr portal and just make a single payment, potentially saving bank charges. The portal will then automatically pay the employees what they are owed on the day it’s due.

Secure and Flexible

Trusting hard-earned money to a new provider can be hard but employers and employees can be reassured that the system is fully secure with encrypted communications between platforms so sure all data will be safe, and the approval process on the platform is simple and straightforward.

I’m proud to say there are rarely errors on the payrolls that I manage but using BrightPay and Modulr reduces the chances of things going wrong even further, so employers can be confident that the employees will receive the right amount on the right day.

Flexibility is also built in so we have the ability to schedule payments in advance and make last minute changes if needed, which could be especially useful at the moment while the furlough scheme is still in operation and staff may need to be called in at short notice, or even have to be absent suddenly.

It’s also one less step to make when taking on new staff as I will automatically add the new employees’ details to the system, so their salary is paid from the first payroll date without hassle.

Freeing up time

As we come out of the pandemic (fingers crossed), employers will be working hard to rebuild and grow and I really believe that BrightPay and Modulr working together will save time and money when it comes to managing employers’ payroll.

Just as a reminder about how it works

  • I run the payroll as normal and upload the details
  • The employer logs into the Modulr payroll and uploads a lump sum to cover the salaries
  • The employer approves payments in just a few clicks
  • The employees are pay in minutes
  • The whole payroll is managed in one secure platform

If you’d like to find out more about using Modulr, just get in touch and I can arrange a demo and talk it through with you.