As you know, I have always focused my business on offering payroll services. But soon, I’m going to be able to add an additional service for customers – the preparation of employment contracts.

At the end of last year and working with Bright Contracts, I took quite an intense training course and then invested in some additional software so I can now create legislation-compliant employment contracts for you, with no legal fees and no fuss.

It is now the law that employers have to provide employees with an employment contract. Currently it has to be done within 8 weeks of the employee starting work, but from April 2020, employees will need to be provided with one on their first day.

Whilst preparing employment contracts might seem like a bit of an administrative burden, they are actually a good thing for both employer and employee. The employer can use them to secure working practices such as when people can take holiday so that the running of the business is not interrupted. They’re also important for setting out policies such as a social media policy so the reputation of the business is not put at risk. For employees, a contract offers a certain level of security of employment and clearly sets out what is part of their job role and what isn’t. It should also clearly set out grievance and anti-bullying procedures, as well as sickness arrangements, so an employee always knows where to go to for help.

Each contract that I create using Bright Contracts can be completely bespoke to a customer’s business, the employee & their role and will be branded with logos for a professional look. A process can even be established whereby when a customer tell me about a new employee to add to the payroll, an employment contract is automatically generated.

The Bright Contracts software will also keep me updated on any changes in employment law – there are a number of new pieces of legislation coming into effect this April including Jack’s Law regarding parental bereavement leave – and provides an overview of the contract status of every employee. It really does take away a lot of admin pressure, especially if there isn’t a dedicated HR role in your business.

If you’d like to talk more about how this additional service I’m now offering could help you, call me on 01326 336364 or email